Entrepreneur / developer / consultant

Work with me

I am currently available to work with clients on interesting projects, both as a developer and and as a consultant. I have a lot of experience with iOS app development and Ruby on Rails.

I have years of experience leading larger development projects with teams spread over many different countries and time-zones. I have lived and worked in Europe, Asia and South-America. I did part of my degree at UC Berkeley in California.

Why work with me?

  • The end product will exceed your expectations, not just meet them.
  • I deliver projects on time and within budget. Any changes to timescales and costs will be discussed and agreed on.
  • I am able to communicate clearly and stay in close touch with clients during projects, addressing any questions or concerns quickly.
  • I am easy to get along with and have extensive experience leading teams of different types people.


  • I use InVision for prototyping and collaboration with clients.
  • I use project management tools like Trello and Basecamp to keep the project organised and on track.
  • I use Slack, Skype and other tools to communicate and discuss changes to the projects with clients.
  • Git is used for version control keeping your code safe and easy to manage for future development.

Size of projects.

  • I am able to complete projects of all sizes.
  • I have a network of developers and designers I work with on projects. Because of that I’m able to stay flexible and affordable while still being able to offer complete solutions for bigger projects.
  • I have years of experience managing teams for big development projects in my previous companies.

Let’s have a chat: