Entrepreneur / developer

Kapabel is the main project I am currently working on and you can find out all about it at Kapabel.io. It is a web service developed to increase student learning when using iPad in the classroom. Kapabel keeps track of which apps are being used and how the students are solving problems inside the apps.

Based on this information teachers are given access to data on student performance in detailed reports on individual students and the class as a whole.

Students can also keep track of their own progress in all the educational apps that Kapabel supports. Students also level up and get virtual rewards through RPG-like accounts. We are going to launch Kapabel in Norwegian primary schools later this year and internationally mid 2017.

TrySwift conference in Tokyo with Kapabel

TrySwift is a very popular series of conferences for iOS developers. The conferences are held in Tokyo, New York and Bangalore. I attended the conference in Tokyo from March 2. to March 4. 2017. There were also several interesting developer meetups before and after the main conference.

StartupGrind Europe in London

June 15. I attended StartupGrind Europe in London. I really enjoyed the format of the conference, instead of having lectures and talks almost all of the content was interviews with interesting people in technology.