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I am a Norwegian entrepreneur and developer, founder of several exciting companies. I co-founded interactive media company Overactive Ink, Inc. in 2012. In 2015 I founded Kvanes AS, an ed-tech startup that operates Kapabel, an analytics platform for schools that use iPad in the classroom.

Late 2017 I co-founded blockchain startup Mirai Technologies AS. Our first major project is Mirai Exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange for the Norwegian market. I also contribute to various open source cryptocurrency projects like Anoncoin and Monero.

I have years of experience leading development projects with teams spread over many different countries and time-zones. I have lived and worked in Europe, the US, Asia and South-America. I did part of my physics degree at UC Berkeley in California.

I am quite busy but if you have an interesting project you’d like to discuss please do reach out.

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